September 3rd 2009

“Irish South & West Fishermen’s Organisation Call for Ongoing Engagement on Review of Fisheries Policy”

The Irish South & Fish Producers Organisation (IS&W) is calling on Minister Tony Killeen to ensure that the consultation process that he has begun in relation to Ireland’s submission on reform of the Common Fisheries Policy will consist of an ongoing engagement rather than a once off set of meetings.

The West Cork based organisation is to meet with Minister Killeen on Friday September 4th, as part of a series of regional consultations initiated by the Minister. Minister Killeen will be accompanied by Dr Noel Cawley, appointed by the Minister to oversee the consultation process with industry stakeholders.

CEO of IS&W Gerard O’Flynn stated; “ The CFP review process is the single most important issue facing the Irish industry and policies must be established that will address the economic viability of coastal communities and the job creation potential of the industry, both at sea and on land. It is essential that Ireland’s particular needs as an island nation are recognised, as is its entitlement to have an equitable share of fishing opportunities”.

The organisation will highlight the critical importance of clearly defining the objectives of the revised fisheries policy in a manner that fully recognises the economic importance of the industry to Ireland.

IS&W also plan to raise the forthcoming Lisbon referendum with Minister Killeen. The organisation has not yet advised its members on which way to vote. Gerard O’Flynn stated “Fishermen more than most have reason to be frustrated with European policies as they impact on the industry. It is however important for fishing communities to reflect on how the decision on Lisbon would impact on Ireland’s ability to influence and dictate the agenda on reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, the single most important issue facing the industry”.


Irish South & West Fish Producer's Organisation Ltd., The Pier, Castletownbere, Co. Cork